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Product Spotlight: Solid Lotion Bar

Living in Colorado, we’re all-too-accustomed to dry, itchy, cracked skin. Let’s be honest - this climate is not gentle on our epidermis. If you’re trying to limit your routine plastic use, this can be quite a conundrum. Lotions are almost exclusively sold in single-use plastic bottles, so what’s the alternative? Luckily, we stumbled across this innovative lotion and our skin and environmentally-conscious values are loving it! We’re talking about a creative way to package and apply lotion without any unnecessary plastics or damaging chemicals - solid lotion bars!

What is a Solid Lotion Bar?

But wait - what the heck is a solid lotion bar? Picture a bar of soap, but instead of soap that needs to be activated with water, instead it’s a nourishing lotion formulated with clean ingredients and gentle scents. No water needed! Simply grab a bar, rub the bar over your skin so that a fine layer of lotion is deposited onto your hands (or anywhere else your body is craving some moisture), set your bar down, and finish rubbing in! We recommend placing your lotion bar on a soap dish in a convenient location or storing it in a glass container. Pro tip: You can even cut a chunk of your bar off and pop it in a small container to bring with you on-the-go or when traveling by plane.

Why Solid Lotion Bars?

What makes lotion bars different? Aside from the obvious lack of single-use plastics, these lotion bars are made locally in Fort Collins, Colorado in small batches and contain only the best and simplest ingredients for clean, happy, chemical-free skin. With ingredients like organic safflower oil, shea nut butter, and pure unrefined beeswax, you just can’t go wrong. They come in gentle essential-oil-derived scents like vanilla, lavender, and sage, and even come unscented for those with sensitive skin. These lotion bars are a game changer!

Shop Plastic-Free With Us!

At Summit Sustainable Goods, we’ve got you covered on solid lotion bars and a variety of other environmentally-friendly daily essentials! all our zero waste household care and personal care products are truly environmentally friendly and contain clean, safe ingredients. No harmful single use items here! We work with our suppliers to make sure all the products we sell are genuinely safe for the environment and your body - because we believe that you and mother nature both deserve the best. It’s just another way we live into our values of being as environmentally and ethically conscious as possible.

Where can you find our curated selection of high quality and sustainable products? You know we’ve got you covered! Check out our website at or visit us at a local pop-up around town. (Info available through our website or socials.) Want to follow our journey and learn about future zero waste events and happenings? Adventure with us by signing up for our email list or follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep up-to-date on all things Summit.

Much love,

Carrie, Founder


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