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We're About Doing Good Ourselves

And Our Planet

Summit Sustainable Goods was created to help you where you're at in your sustainable journey. We help foster a community-centric growth mindset towards making sustainable product switches in daily life to establish a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle.

At Summit, we've curated high quality eco-friendly and zero waste products that are handcrafted in the United States and perfect for doing good for you and for the planet.



It All Works

Summit Pop-Up Farm Fest 2021

Find us around town at a local pop-up to get your products in-person or order online through our website store and choose US-wide shipping or local Denver-area delivery. Interested in our refill program? See our refill shop in the "shop" tab or bring your empty containers to a pop-up to fill up on liquid soaps, cleaner, shampoo, and much more!

Driven by

Sustainable Values

At Summit Sustainable Goods, we're about walking the walk, not just talking the talk. As a zero waste, focusing on sustainability is at the core of values - and therefore, all our choices. ​ We take the products we sell very seriously so you can shop with ease! Our suppliers are all based in Colorado, as is the manufacturing for the products we sell. This ensures that all our products support local economies and, due to minimal shipping requirements, add considerably less carbon to the atmosphere than typical products that are shipped across oceans to arrive to you. Prior to collaborating with any new suppliers, we carefully research the products and company, including sustainability practices, ingredients or materials used, and necessary packaging included with each product. We work side-by-side with our suppliers to ensure no green-washing is involved and sustainability is a true focus at every stage. If we learn something unfavorable about a product or practice, we will always be transparent with our customers, and then seek to improve where possible to maintain our high standards. On our product pages, you can find a variety of transparent information about each product, such as materials or ingredients, tips on how to use each product effectively, and even responsible, landfill-free disposal. ​ When it comes to transporting our products to you safely, we realize it often requires some packing so that nothing is broken or damaged in transit. Not only do we reuse packaging frequently, the new packaging we use is purchased through EcoEnclose, a sustainably-focused packing and shipping supplies company based in Longmont, CO. By limiting our customers' shipping range to the US rather than globally, and by choosing ground shipping rather than next-day priority shipping , we're working to limit our carbon consumption with each customer's order. We also provide free local delivery and bike to you when we can! For any driving we perform for Summit Sustainable Goods, whether it's delivering orders or picking up new inventory around Colorado, we track our mileage and are committed to offsetting our carbon annually. ​ In our small office space that holds our products, we make sure to leave lights off whenever we are not present packing orders or completing work. We even go so far as to unplug all cords from outlets to save electricity. We only use non-toxic, contaminant-free cleaners in our space. Materials brought into our office (such as packaging from suppliers or routine office supplies) are reused or repurposed whenever possible to mitigate our addition to our landfills. After all, as a zero waste shop, it's important that we are living those values as well! ​ From collaborating with our suppliers and evaluating each product we sell to choosing sustainable packaging and being mindful about our transportation impacts, Summit Sustainable Goods is dedicated to fully leaning in to sustainable practices. We, like many of you, are always learning and growing and improving. This sustainability journey doesn't end here, and we will always strive to improve our business practices to continue walking our walk.

We're Committed to Good

Here's How

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The Founder

Welcome! My name is Carrie Martin-Haley and I am the founder and CEO of Summit Sustainable Goods. I created this business to help introduce others to a zero waste lifestyle and how easy it is to get started. I was born and raised here in Colorado, and am dedicated to keeping our beautiful lands healthy and clean for generations to come. Learn more about me through my blogs or send me an email at

Glad to know you!


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So impressed with the quality of products, the fast shipping, and the personalized customer service. Placing another order this week!

 I love the encouragement from Summit Sustainable Goods. If your looking for eco friendly products and support throughout your less waste consumer journey - this is the place for you!

Summit works to elevate other local green small businesses and does a thorough, informed job of vetting their products. The emphasis on information, empowerment, and inspiration in Summit's posts is a testament to the tone of the business's general practices.

Quarterly Donaion Program
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