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Product Spotlight: Tooth Suds

Did you know that nearly one billion toothpaste tubes are thrown away every year across the globe? That’s one heck of a lot of single-use plastic! With plastics presenting an increasing problem as they pollute landfills, waterways, and ecosystems the globe over (not to mention the damage caused by microplastics) it has become abundantly clear that we need to start shifting - and minimizing - our relationship with single-use plastics. Using toothpaste is no modern invention; in fact, historians have determined that Egyptians created paste to clean their teeth as early as 5000 B.C. In the 1800s, traditional toothpaste as we know it was formulated, along with other mediums, such as powder and soap. By 1914, large toothpaste brands had begun packaging their products in tubes, and this slowly transitioned from aluminum to plastic tubes as convenience and demand for single-use plastics skyrocketed. Oral hygiene is a critical piece of remaining healthy, but our societal dependence on plastics is contributing to a variety of environmental problems. So is there a way to have the best of both worlds?

New Oral Care with Old Roots

Enter Tooth Suds - the revolutionary soap for your teeth! Tooth Suds come as a bar of soap designed to keep your teeth clean and your mouth healthy and fresh. While toothpaste in soap form can be traced back hundreds of years, this modern twist uses simple ingredients proven to remineralize tooth enamel while avoiding harsh contaminants often found in large-brand toothpaste formulas. Made with organic olive oil, sodium hydroxide (which is not present in the final product), aloe vera, and essential oils for gentle scent and flavor, it’s guaranteed to be SLS-free, vegan, and free of toxins.

Tooth Suds arrive in a fully compostable or recyclable cardboard box (no plastic in sight!) and can be kept in a container of your choice to keep it fresh. The instructions are simple:get the bar and your toothbrush wet, rub the toothbrush on the bar to create a lather, then brush your teeth as normal! Feel free to rinse the bar after each use, and make sure to allow your Tooth Suds bar to dry in between brushes. One bar is designed to last three to four months, and is fluoride-free. The ingredients work together to promote a healthy alkaline pH in your mouth, thus helping to remineralize tooth enamel. Pretty cool, if you ask us. Tooth Suds even come in a subtle minty Citrus + Mint flavor and a whitening Tea Tree + Charcoal flavor. They’re even made right here in the US, in the neighboring state of Arizona, so reduce the carbon footprint through minimal transportation.

So why is it designed as a bar, rather than a paste, shreds, or a powder? The bar makes for easy application - simply swipe your toothbrush on the bar, and you’re ready to go! Oral hygiene shreds and powders are other alternatives to pastes, which must be packaged in a squeezable container or jar, thus creating more packaging than a simple recyclable cardboard box. These alternatives often create product waste, as powders can be messy to apply to a toothbrush, and shreds can be difficult to proportion out. Thus, the decision to create a simple-to-use bar of solid toothpaste was the winner!

Our Impressions of Tooth Suds

I first decided to try Tooth Suds while planning to travel to Europe during the summer of 2022. My partner and I were planning a 2-week trip with friends to south Europe, and in an effort to pack lightly, somehow decided to try to pack everything into small lightweight carry-on friendly backpacks. To do this, we had to pay attention to every item we packed, including our personal care products. I decided to cut off a corner of the Tooth Suds bar and bring it with me in a small container. This, I figured, would of the necessity to use single use plastic, and would result in even less space in my backpack.

And here's the crazy part: it WORKED. We set off for two weeks with nothing but two backpacks slung over our shoulders, and the first night I excitedly opened the container holding my Tooth Suds bar. I had heard it was great for traveling, and now I had the chance to put it to the test. I followed the directions as instructed - wet bar, wet toothbrush, swipe up a lather, and brush. I played around with how much lather was appropriate to get my mouth feeling clean, and I remember exclaiming to my partner after rinsing out my mouth, “wow, my mouth really does feel clean!” Like, cleaner than the traditional toothpaste I had been using. I made sure to let my bar dry after each brushing, and at the end of the trip I was convinced - this was the new great way to clean teeth.

Where To Find Tooth Suds

Where can you find these unique and innovative Tooth Suds? You know we’ve got you covered! Check out our website at or visit us at a local pop-up around town. (Info available through our website or socials.)

Summit Sustainable Goods is a zero waste and refill shop located in Denver, CO that is dedicated to helping you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle - without the intimidation. We curate sustainable household and personal care products and prioritize small, local businesses when possible. We vet all of our suppliers to ensure that all the products we sell are environmentally friendly and safe for you and the planet. We never push for perfection in the sustainable space (after all, we’re working within a larger system that prioritizes waste first) but encourage our wonderful customers to focus on their progress and feeling inspired to take small steps.

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Much love,

Carrie, Founder



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