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Product Spotlight: All-Natural Hand + Body Soaps

Do you know what’s in the soap you use to wash your hands and body every day?

Large soap manufacturers often add ingredients that adjust the consistency, color, and scent of their soaps to be more appealing to consumers. But all too often, these ingredients can be damaging to your skin, lungs, and even your endocrine system. They can also harm wildlife and pollute waterways.

That’s why we’ve partnered with small local companies to bring you safe and high-quality household and personal care products that won’t hurt your body and will be gentle on the planet. We believe that not only is it possible to have effective products with safe and environmentally-conscious ingredients, but it’s socially responsible.

All-Natural Soaps

Enter our line of all-natural hand + body soaps from Sweetwater Trading Co! These soaps are handcrafted locally in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and leave out all of the questionable ingredients that are present in many larger manufacturers. Made with saponified oils, shea butter, essential oils and other simple ingredients, they’re designed to keep your skin irritation-free and our natural environment clear of harsh chemicals.

As icing on the cake, these handcrafted soaps are beautiful - a perfect addition to a bathroom sink or shower ledge. Since they’re made in small batches, they aren’t your run-of-the-mill mass produced soap bar, and it shows through the craftsmanship in each product. They even come package-free, so there’s no need for microplastic-shedding containers or non-recyclable plastic film.

These all-natural soaps are scented with essential oils that bring a burst of freshness to each wash, without synthetic compounds and chemicals like parfum (perfumes) that can be damaging to your body. Let’s take a look at the scent profiles for these divine soaps:

Cedarwood + Charcoal: This rich black soap gets its color from activated charcoal, and has woody and musky notes. Great for a gender-neutral option.

Calendula + Lemongrass: This bright citrusy soap has a lovely lemony scent with subtle earthy notes.

Bergamot, Rosehip + Honey: This floral soap has layers of rose and bergamot finished with sweet honey for a gentle spring-inspired scent.

These soaps are gentle on your skin and body, smell fabulous without those harsh chemicals, support small local business, and reduce single-use plastics.

What’s not to love?

Hey There, and Welcome to Summit!

At Summit Sustainable Goods, we take extra steps when vetting products to ensure that all our zero waste household care and personal care products are truly environmentally friendly and contain clean, safe ingredients for your body and the planet. None of our products will go home with you in plastic packaging, and we work with our suppliers to make sure there is as little plastic as possible used from the back-end shipping side of our business. It’s just another way we live into our values of being as environmentally and ethically conscious as possible.

Where can you purchase your new favorite soaps? You know we’ve got you covered! Snag these through our website at or visit us at a local pop-up around town. (Info available through our website or socials.) Want to follow our journey and learn about future zero waste events and happenings? Adventure with us by signing up for our monthly email subscription or follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep up-to-date on all things Summit.

Much love,

Carrie, founder



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