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Product Spotlight: Artisan-Burned Wooden Spoons

Part of the zero waste (or low waste) journey is finding sustainable swaps for products you use everyday around your home, and avoiding plastic materials whenever possible. One great swap we’ve found for your kitchen is wooden or bamboo cooking and serving utensils; products that can be used over and over again and then composted when they’ve reached the end of their lives. This keeps our reliance on plastics low and our landfills free of unnecessary items.

Beautiful and Functional Wooden Spoons

Our first product in our kitchen utensils category is a gorgeous handcrafted wooden cooking spoon. These wooden spoons are burned by hand in northern Colorado by a local artisan and immigrant from Morocco, Anaruz Handmade. The unique and captivating designs are inspired from her home country. They can be hand-washed with gentle soap and used for years on end. You’ll find no plastic in this daily necessity! Just earth-friendly materials and a product that will add character and functionality to your kitchen - without compromising sustainability.

Richly Ingrained Culture and History

The delicate burn designs on the handle of the wooden spoon are surely beautiful - but they speak to a deeply rooted culture as well. The patterns seared into the wooden handle are inspired by the Moroccan Amazigh women, whose tradition of tattooing their body with intricate designs to distinguish different nomadic groups, celebrate their deep ties to the land, and identify familial connections date back generations. These designs were primarily tattooed around the eyes, mouth, nose, and chin, and could be found on the feet and arms. Due to modern influences, however, this long-standing ritual has dwindled considerably in the last several decades and has all but disappeared today. Local artisan Anaruz Handmade has committed to continuing this rich tradition by bringing these deeply rooted designs to the simple daily rituals of cooking and enjoying food with loved ones. By bringing these designs to the United States, she hopes to bring the vibrance of her home country to the US - and the place she has called home for over a decade now.

Where To Find These Handcrafted Wooden Spoons

Where can you find these beautiful, functional, and culture-steeped wooden spoons? We’re totally here for ya! Check out our website or visit us at a local pop-up around town. (Info available through our website or socials.)

Summit Sustainable Goods is a zero waste and refill shop located in Denver, CO that is dedicated to helping you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle - without the intimidation. We curate sustainable household and personal care products and prioritize small, local businesses when possible. We vet all of our suppliers to ensure that all the products we sell are environmentally friendly and safe for you and the planet. We never push for perfection in the sustainable space (after all, we’re working within a larger system that prioritizes waste first) but encourage our wonderful customers to focus on their progress and feeling inspired to take small steps.

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